Bent Back Woman

The 1925 Brewing Co.

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A collaborative brew by The 1925 Brewing Co. and Supernatural Confessions, presents a pale ale, Bent Back Woman, brewed locally, and primarily using the hops, Citra. Designed to be a session beer, Bent Back Woman, seeks a delicate balance between hops and malt. It brings familiarity but yet never fails to surprise the palate with the subdued bursts of Citra.

About the label
A recurring nightmare by the Confessor, the Bent Back Woman cycles around the neighbourhood of Joo Chiat Rd. In her basket, corpses of dead babies resides. She would appear every night and deathly silence, followed by the creaking of her bicycle will herald her coming. It was said that she would stop by the Confessor’s house every night and tries to enter.

Highly recommended to enjoy this beer while tuning in to SUPERNATURAL CONFESSIONS every Friday night happening at 10pm on