Mid Autumn Festival Gift Set

The 1925 Brewing Co.

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This gift set contains 3 bottles of 八仙 Ba Xian tea lager, 2 exclusive The 1925 Brewing Co. half pint glasses, and 5g of 八仙单枞 ba xian dancong oolong tea leaves.

This limited edition lager is brewed to not only celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, but also to celebrate our heritage; serving also as an open invitation to all and partake in our festivities. The 八仙 Ba Xian tea lager is best enjoyed served in The 1925 Brewing Co. half pint glass and paired with pomelo and mooncakes.

八仙(Ba Xian) references the Chinese mythological Eight Immortals, as it is said that the complex tea boasts eight separate and equally delicious aromas.