Call Spiceman, Saison

The 1925 Brewing Co.

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In collaboration with Jeya Spices, we are proud to create this new beer to celebrate Deepavali! This saison is not only dry and crisp, but it also packs a strong fruity aroma with a sweetly pungent with peppery overtones as well as hints of juniper and peppercorn due to the variety of spices added. These spices were handpicked by none other than the Spiceman himself of Jeya Spices!

This amazing beer was purposely created to pair well with our favourite briyani, curries and prata. 

Jeya Spices is the frontrunner for the freshest whole spices, spice powders and spice blends. With each blend tweaked perfectly to individual preference, Jeya Spices aims to spice up everybody’s lives.